I’m Dee!  My mom says that’s not my name as she listed Demetris Yvette Williams on my birth certificate.  I enhanced the name by adding Howard to its end 43 years ago when I married the incomparable Arnold Howard.  Somewhere in here, we should incorporate a Tiger and thank LSU for their part in introducing us.  My parents brainwashed me by repeatedly saying they would not pay for any wedding prior to graduation.  So, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology on December 19, 1975, and got married the next day.  Three years later, Arnold and I began family renovation with the addition of our first little one, Erin, followed by Megan and Josh.

After 33½ years, I retired from ExxonMobil in 2013.  That timespan allowed me to really spread my wings with my career which afforded a lot of travel.  The challenge was continuing to make myself available for volleyball games, basketball games, Spelling Bees and multiple Science Projects!  Ooops, did I forget to mention assisting Arnold in starting a cheesecake business and serving as Wedding Coordinator for a 3k member church for 20+ years?  Fun times!!!!  Currently, I serve as the Member Volunteer Coordinator and Pastoral Care Team Member at Encounter Church here in Baton Rouge.

All of these activities were great ministries, but my first ministry was to Arnold and then Erin, Megan and Josh (I always list them in that order due to their age seniority ☺).  In all of the busyness, I had to set aside that date night and special time for Mr. H and special time for kid stuff.  It’s been a wonderful challenge which I still prioritize even though the kids are grown and we’re discovering the ‘empty nest’ syndrome.  My kids still need their mom-time and I still need that time with them!  

Throughout this journey, I’ll queue you in on how I juggled marriage, work, and the “Mom, why can’t I’s”.  I’ll let you know when the hair relaxer transitioned to weave.   I’ll even let you in on when I realized that I just couldn’t keep the stupid baseboards spotless!!!  I’ll let you know how I learned to just, BREATHE!!!!

Each month I’ll showcase an “Ask Dee” question.  If you’ve got a question you’d like to share the answer to, email me at

I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from you!