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Mompreneur Squad Goals

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

They say, show me your 5 closest friends and I'll show you your future. You are who you hang around.

I have the greatest besties in the world. True story. I am willing to take polygraph test. They are loyal, life-givers who love me almost as much as I love them. A strong boss lady has to be surrounded with an impeccably, fabulous ride-or-die tribe. These are the ones who make you who you are.

How do you find those kind of friends and how do you know if you already have them?

The first question is simple. You attract what you are. Be the friend that you need. If you need encouragement and loyalty be encouraging and loyal.

The second question is easy. How can you determine if you are surrounded by ‘Pink lady’ level friends? Here’s a legit indicator…

When you get that midday phone call that says, “Hey, I’m down the street about to come over!”

Behind every strong women is a best friend giving her crazy ideas

If you hop up off that couch, searching for your bra as you’re throwing the kids and their toys in the closet... That is NOT the Thelma to your Louise.

When ‘Thelma’ comes over...she sits on the cluttered couch with you and helps you fold your undies and doesn’t bat an eye because she is true blue. Keep her for life.

I love this quote, “Entrepreneurs are courageous enough to take crazy risks without proof they will work out.”

I envision that person to be surrounded by the greatest support imaginable.

Here are 5 traits every Mompreneur needs to have as #SquadGoals...

Mompreneur Friend Goals

THEY'RE TEAM 'YOU': Mompreneurs need friends who have their best interest at heart. When making decisions as a Mom and a business owner, it’s crucial to only take advice from people who have your best interest at heart. Watch out for those manipulators. #ThedevilisaLIE

TRUTHFUL & LOYAL: You will never catch me wearing my hair completely back with no bangs. Why? I tried it once in the 4th grade. My lifelong bestie, Steph, told me in the hall, “Take your hair down. Your head is too big for that!” Years later in high school I tried it again. My other bestie, Amber, saw me coming down the hall, jumped out of her seat, bolted out of the classroom (risking being written up), drug me to the bathroom and just started pulling out the bobby pins. She only said one sentence… “Don’t ever do this again!” To this day…they are still by besties. Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth no matter what it cost them. With that said, it’s important to be able to hear truth. Don’t be easily offended. True friends will risk offending you to protect you. Listen to them. You can’t do life well without that.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Research shows that when people share weekly progress reports with a friend, their likelihood of success at reaching a goal climbs to 76 percent. WOW! There is power in accountability. The best entrepreneurs know the importance of accountability. Surround yourself with friends who hold you accountable and remind you of where you’re headed.

SMART: Realizing you don’t have to know everything will set you free in ways you didn’t know existed. Get friends who are strong in areas where you are not. You will find they will challenge you and stretch your growth. Plus, you can just go to them instead of yet another google search.

CHEERLEADER: I went to lunch with my oldest and she chose her bff, Bailey, to sit with us. Bailey said to me, “Mrs. Megan, Kadynce told me her secret that’s she’s a real Princess and I believe in her and her magic powers. No one else does.”

Surround yourself with those who believe in you

After I finished side-eyeing my child, though slightly disturbed, I said to myself...this kid is a keeper. Every Mompreneur needs a Bailey friend that believes in her madness and calls it ‘magic powers’.

I often think one of the biggest tragedies with some people, is that they don’t have real friends. Who will warn you about the bad decision you’re making out of naivety or stop you from that outfit?

What are some of the friendship attributes you are most thankful for?

If you're looking for that level of friend goals...look no further. Join our BR Mompreneur facebook group.

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