And, the honor goes to...

On the T.V. award ceremonies, the presenters make their presentations by saying, “And, the award goes to . . .” I’ve got another take on that verbal formation,

“And the Honor goes to . . . “

I received a call on April 10th from an unknown number that left a voicemail message. I didn’t answer the call or listen to the VM because so many telemarketers leave voicemail. It was the call that no parent wants to receive. My husband and I were teaching our Small Group Bible Study when one of our Pastors brought us the news that our only son, Joshua, had been in a bad car accident. We rushed to the hospital and found our son bandaged and badly injured with a cracked C2 vertebrae, deep foot and head lacerations, a cracked rib, bruised lungs and other gashes. Miracles still happen as Josh experienced no paralysis and did not need surgery. This is the same paralyzing injury that Christopher Reeves, of Superman fame, sustained. Josh would have to wear a halo brace to prevent his neck and head from moving while allowing the injured spinal column and ligaments to heal for 3 months.

For most of the days following, I believe I was in shock and operating on pure adrenaline. Josh was in the Trauma-Neuro Critical Care Unit (TNCC). Although many encouraged me to go home at night for rest, I lived in the TNCC waiting room as I was not comfortable leaving the hospital. The waiting room was constantly packed with well-wishers which we absolutely appreciated and which also kept my ‘welcoming smile’ adrenaline flowing. At one point during one of the visiting hours, I joked with Josh saying “I think we may have to sale tickets to the crowd waiting to get in here to see you.” Day 3 lifted the cloud of immediate concern when he was moved to the hospital’s rehab floor for the next 14 days. Now we’re on the way to recovery.

Trauma Neuro Critical Care
Our first time being with him as a family

One morning when Josh was in therapy and we were leaving the hospital for a few hours, my husband, Arnold, said “How about stopping for dine-in breakfast?” It was not on the top of my list, but I had to remember that Arnold needed my attention as well as Josh. Girls during the most trying times of our lives we have to keep in mind that our husbands, our other kids, family and friends still need us. My daughter Erin was still experiencing pain from a surgery she had 6 weeks prior. She still needed her mom to remember her. Megan was stressing over her brother. I had to keep all of them in my focus as Josh was not a family solo. Even though his injuries were the flag on the top of our mountain, so were their issues. Remember, your #1 ministry is your family! Although we are Mompreneurs, we’re first and foremost MOMS!

our son's car accident
Josh's Baton Rouge leadership breakfast

During those traumatic weeks, one of my best friends came into my church office and said, “I need you guys to pray.” Her son was in trouble. I knew that her need trumped whatever was going on with me at that time and it was something that I could take a moment to handle for her! Talk about multi-tasking! My sympathy has now turned to empathy! God gives us the understanding and strength we need when we need it!!!

Thankful, grateful, praising, appreciative, beholding, pleased, happy are all words that just don’t seem to fit. I can’t come up with adjectives to express my gratitude to God for answering my daily prayer of a hedge of protection around my family. I can’t say thank you loud enough to all who lovingly enveloped me and Arnold, Erin and Megan. Thank you to all who came, prayed, hugged us, called, messaged, and emailed their love to us. We have established new family friendships that we will always cherish.

Someone visiting me in the waiting room (I don’t remember who) said “I know you’re tired, is this going to be hard for you to care for Josh?” Pondering the fact that I almost had no son to be tired over, I realized “Oh my! What an honor I have to care for my child!”

c2 neck fracture
Shenanigans with the boy child

One definition of ‘honored’ is great privilege. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity and privilege to care for my son. Even though he’s a grown man and will be able to care for himself again, I relish this time to still have him that I may be able to spoil him again. I can’t say “Thank You God!" enough.

With that thought, my theme for this season of my life is - And, the honor goes to . . . ME!!!!

I Love you all!


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