HELP! My teen daughter knows it all!

Teen daughter knows it all!

Q U E S T I O N :

My teenage daughter says that she doesn’t have to take direction from me because

she’s in high school. She says that she’s intelligent and can make life-changing decisions

on her own. She doesn’t work, lives with me and is still in high school. Have you heard

this from any other parents?

A N S W E R :

Well now! I was discussing this with Megan last week as we were returning from our

girls weekend trip. At some point in most teens’ lives, they simply go crazy! We are all

different in our parenting techniques. I can only tell you what I ‘think’ I would have

done when mine were younger.

I believe I would have asked, “How much $$ do you pay toward my rent?” If the answer is “None,” I would then ask “How much are you paying toward my utility bill?” I believe the answer would once again be “None.” Next, I’d ask, “How much are you contributing toward groceries or your phone bill?”

With all of these answers being negative, I’d suggest she google the word intelligent and ‘The Basics of Life Changing Decisions!’ It doesn’t sound like she’s got intelligence or good decisions down pat at this time.


Dee Howard

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