Parenting Tip...SPEAK LIFE

This morning I was reading in my devotion book and it hit me hard! Today‘s writer spoke of a time in Brownies when her leader spoke pretty harsh and negative words that had destructive potential.

However, she said she daily heard life-giving words of encouragement and affirmation from her parents. 

We’re proud of you!’

‘Thanks for being so kind.’

I love what she said next,

“Words of consistent blessing build more than confidence or courage: they build a wall of protection, preventing permanent wounding from hurtful, discouraging, or critical words.”

WOW!! We are literally building a shield around our kids with the words we speak over them! I’m sitting here this morning just counting down the seconds until my babies wake up so I can bombard them with canon-like affirmation. 


I know this to be so true. Even in my worst days, my parents ALWAYS spoke to the young lady I ‘was’ rather than the child I was acting like. Words are so powerful. They literally have the power to give life or death. 

Maybe your parents didn’t speak that kind of life over you. Maybe it was just the opposite. 

I challenge you today...make a 180 degree change in your household. Call out the greatness in your children. 

Every single morning I tell my big girl, you ARE A LEADER and not a follower. You are smart and courageous. You have a beautiful heart. My baby is a beautiful little girl but I always pump up WHO SHE IS rather than build confidence in what she looks like. Looks fade. I think we can all agree with that. Lol. I want her to know when the pimples and acne come, her beauty is within. 

Likewise, call out and believe in the greatness within YOURSELF!!! Your brain is simply a computer and your words are the programming it reads. Choose wisely. 

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