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Unless you’re planning to win the lottery, you aren’t going to stumble into success. Of course, if your plan is to win the lottery, you wouldn’t have stumbled there at was planned. 😉 See what I did there?

An average week for a Mom includes multiple daily meals, laundry, homework, school schedules, after school activities. Those are just the things that are about the children.

An average week for an entrepreneur may include, team management, multiple meetings, client calls, potential client calls, writing blogs, managing social media. The list is endless.

Combine the two and you have one busy person. A Mompreneur. Without a successful plan and schedule it’s nearly impossible to manage it all successfully and maintain sanity.

What’s a girl to do? GET A PLAN...that’s what. Here’s a few tips to help you out, Momma!


Take a look at November. Write down all your dates. Don’t forget to cross check the school calendar(s). Add the business meetings and lunch dates. Include the birthdays and your Mom’s 4 day visit around Thanksgiving.

Choose a day each week to transfer all that info to a weekly planner. I like to use Friday afternoons to plan the following week. It will help to also to break it down even further with a daily schedule. You can download those calendars for FREE on our website! (

When you’ve finished that. Go back through and make a detailed 30 day plan for your meals, groceries, and business. If you’re running your own social media, make that schedule too. Of course, if you feel that’s just TO MUCH...feel free to email me! 😉


What worked last month? What didn’t work? The best way to go forward is to make sure you’re not making the same mistakes. This applies to the route you used to get to soccer practice, the content you posted or the casserole you burned. (No judgement. It happens.


After all of that planning, be ok when 70% of it doesn’t work out. Roll with it, Momma! Here’s the deal, your kids, your staff, they’re all watching what you do. Your response today determines how they could respond later. No pressure. 😉 I like to remind myself of this…

‘If I panic and lose my mind because the eggs fell and cracked on the floor or the client was late...AGAIN, will my babies feel they can trust my response when they’re facing something tough at school? Will my staff feel they can come to me safely when a crucial mistake has been made?’ (They are human. They may still choose wrong regardless.)

Do your part. Make the plans. Review the plan. Monitor your progress throughout and be cool if it doesn’t work. It’s all a part of being a successful leader and Mompreneur.

How do you plan ahead? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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