How to Grab Their Attention on Social Media (If you bomb at #1...stop reading)

It's the question everyone asks. In fact, this post was inspired by a question posted in our Mompreneur group. Here's a bit of her question...

"I’d love your insight! We see Facebook posts daily from someone selling something. So I want to know, what peaks your interest when your friends are providing a service or product in a Facebook post? If you could give one piece of advice to a friend in direct sales, what would it be? What annoys you most in direct sales posts?"

There are so many tips and tricks that can keep the limited attention span of your tribe on social media. Before I dive into that, there's a few things to understand.

Social media is exactly what it says, SOCIAL. Your facebook friend is just that, a friend, just in a different environment. Approach your post as though you were approaching your friend. Who wants to hang out with the friend who only talks about themselves all day? No one. Don't be that friend. With that thought in mind...I'm going to give you 5 tips on engaging with your audience and keeping their attention. The first is absolutely crucial to success.


It's literally that simple. Be likable.

No one will buy anything from you, or resist the urge to hit 'unfollow', if you're not likable. Likewise, if you are likable, people will buy anything from you. If you've never seen Kenny Brooks - Hilarious Door salesmen, do yourself a favor and watch him. I would buy anything from that guy. Why? He is so likable. Yes, he's hilarious. More importantly, he uses his God-given talents and packages it into this performance. You don't have to be a comedic extrovert to be likable. Just shine bright and be your best self. You'll also notice he gets straight to the point. With that said...let's move to tip #2.

GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT 😂(Value their time)

Did you know video is the best way to advertise on Facebook? Truth. Get this...if you don't grab their attention in the first 3 seconds, you've wasted the money put into making the video. Think of how you scroll your timeline. When a video starts rolling, do you stop and watch if it doesn't seem interesting? Nope. You have to plan your approach to appeal to an ADHD culture.

This is also true for blog post, comment replies, Facebook posts and LIVE videos. Here's a real honest Meg-moment...

I can love you more than a Cobb salad at Chick-Fil-A with Avocado ranch dressing...but if I can't get through your business posts in the vital 2 minutes I have before the kids knock on the bathroom's to much. That's a commitment. In Megan-world commitments are reserved for marriage, kids and The Sound of Music.

Get to the point in a creative way.


If you've been at this Facebook/Instagram life for a while, you're probably following all the funny Mom pages that make you feel less alone and 'failuriffic'. It's because there is a comfort and trust that comes with realness. Rachel Hollis talks about how her most engaging post on Instagram was her in a bikini with, what she says is a less than perfect post-kid body. Be honest. Show your scars. Limit the selfie filters. Be relatable. Remember, they have to like YOU.


It's not their job to remember you. It's your job to give them something to remember. If you're struggling with the basics, check out The Social Media Guide for Beginners. I have a real estate friend that is killing it on social media. You would think he'd been in the business for years. He is likable, real and consistently posting informative content that is more beneficial to the consumer than himself. His name pops in your head when you're thinking of buying a home because you see the posts often. He also does a 'Market Update Monday' post so he's offering FREE knowledge and information and becoming a trusted expert in his field.

The trick is to make yourself a reputable resource rather than a pesky sales person.

That leads us to tip #5.

FREEBIES (Give them the goods)

I've never met someone who didn't like a good freebie. If you're in the cleaning business, offer $25 off in a Facebook ad. You can also offer a list of your top 5 chemical-free cleaners or your favorite tips to get that grime off of your tub. These posts show me that you really know what you're talking about. You've gained credibility by sharing your vast knowledge. Everyone is busy. What tips can you offer to make my life a bit smoother?

Ask can I add value to their lives?

Are you a therapist? Tell me the first hour is free and I'm calling you tomorrow. I'd call you for a free 30 minutes. On the surface it may appear to be money lost, but the confidence and trust you've gained is priceless.

If you're starting out on social media, you have two main objectives: be likable and earn credibility/trust. Referrals follow trust. When you've earned their trust, you've won most of the battle.

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