What social media platform is best for your business?

You’ve just launched your business. CONGRATS! Now what? Marketing. In this digital age, you are able to reach the masses through digital marketing. By implementing a strategic plan you can increase your sales & engagement across social media platform — let’s chat about which is best for your business.

When deciding on what social media platform is best for your business it’s important to look at 3 things.

1. Your target audience: (you probably hear this term alot but what exactly does it mean? If you’re selling products at Chanel prices you most likely should not market to someone with JcPenny budget)

2. What type of content are you posting?: Photos. Videos. Text. Graphics. It’s important to identify what type of content you will create so that you can choose wisely on what social media platform is best and will get your page the most engagement.

3. Call-To-Action: What link are you driving your audience to? It could be a link to the product or a link to your email list. CTA are great for retargeting your followers for future sales or new product launches.

Okay now to the social media platform. What is your choices? And how should you choose the right choice for your business?

Facebook: Facebook is great for any industry with the proper strategy and budget. There are multiple ways you can engage with your audience and expand your audience to new followers by using Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are great for driving traffic to a direct link and an incentive with a discount/flash sale or even gaining more followers with a link back to your page.  Facebook Pixel: This tool is great and is a Facebook feature -- you are able to enter a tracking code onto your website that will create a custom retargeting ad just to those select viewers. You know like all the times you wonder “How does Facebook know I just searched for birthday decor on Amazon?” Facebook Pixel is the answer.

Audience: Baby Boomers, Generation X&Y

Instagram: Instagram is great for brands, creators, and influencers being that the app is so centered on visual appealing content. What does that mean? If you’re creating high quality content then you should DEFINITELY give Instagram a try -- since that’s what most of the Instagram followers are engaging with. Instagram is great for building brand awareness especially if you are not focusing only on the local community but internationally.

Audience: Women between the ages of 16 and 40

Twitter: Twitter is known and loved for the chronological posts unlike Instagram. On Twitter you can catch up on the latest news and celeb gossip but also if you’re great at dropping gems then you’re more likely to go viral. Twitter is great if you are a large/medium size company that provides great service and ready to partake in the conversation amongst the digital mavens.

Audience: Adults between the ages of 18 and 29

Pinterest: The holy grail but so unrated app. Pinterest is a visual search engine. This app is great for anyone with highly engaging content -- interior design, call-to-action blog post, fashion, DIY ideas. Pinterest allows you to repin other content posted by accounts & you can also upload your content. My suggestion is the 80/20 rule, you should upload 80% & repin 20% simply because you want to drive traffic back to your site not to other people’s content.

Audience: Women under the age of 34

Of course there are a few other social media platforms that I didn’t include like Youtube/Twitch/etc. but the list above is a great start for launching your business whether you are a small local business or an international travel blogger.

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