Entrepreneur Resources: Mom Edition

Who can I run to when I need HELP?

Mompreneur resources to benefit your business

Being a mompreneur is full of highs, lows and figuring out who is in your network to

offer support. I am not just talking about the usual things:

➻Who will watch the kids?

➻What is needed to do for clients?

➻Where to go to network and meet new clients?

➻What should you wear to the event?

➻How long will you have to stay up?

➻Did the family eat?

➻Did you eat?

➻Have you forgotten anything?

➻What or who did I forget?

I am talking about questions that have the ability to shape or reshape how the business


➻Where to go for assistance with certifications?

➻Who is offering workshops or classes about industry standards?

➻Who provides state or federal support?

➻Who would assist with licensing?

In every state, some organizations are responsible for providing technical assistance and

support to entrepreneurs. However, if you didn’t know these resources exist you are

more than likely missing opportunities that can positively impact your business. On my

search to find opportunities for myself and to expand my business I came across these

agencies and their services. I called or emailed to learn about the services, and

surprisingly they want to educate, reach and support as many people as possible.

These agencies or organizations offer a variety of services, training or workshops all

design to aid an entrepreneur throughout this process. In Louisiana, great people are

willing and ready to assist. So know you are not in this alone! The supportive