ASK DEE: Fighting Fair

Q:  My husband says when we disagree that I don’t fight fair.  Any idea what he meant?

A:  Ummm, let’s see!  Do you answer in a loud voice that could be misconstrued as yelling?  Do you bring up the past? Do you purposely say hurtful things?  Do you speak in a condescending manner?  If you do any of the above, then just maybe  the disagreement could tilt negatively.   

I feel that I’m a nice person but when provoked, my tongue can slice and dice!  So, I try to step away and postpone the discussion until I calm down, but I always revisit the conversation.  Remember that life usually continues after a disagreement and once the words peel off your tongue, you can’t retrieve them.  So try not to say things that saying ‘I’m sorry’ can’t eradicate.  Think before you pounce!


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