I'm STUCK. What next? Mompreneur probs.

When I started my journey of becoming a business owner, I did not think of myself as a “mompreneur” or “boss mom” or “mom boss.” I thought of myself simply as a woman owning a business, and I thought I had it all together. I knew what I wanted to name the business, what I wanted to offer and a general idea about my target audience, but I did not know what I was supposed to do next. I was so unsure about multiple areas of my business that I could easily enter the “frozen zone.”

The “frozen zone” is when you are literally frozen unable to move forward. The idea of business at one time caused me to procrastinate or leave the business unattended until I felt confident again. I just wanted to know how to be successful, how to find or create opportunities for me to showcase my business, find and connect with clients, social media platforms and other stuff. However, I was OVERWHELMED! If you are unsure on what you are supposed to do now don't be embarrassed or ashamed. You are not alone. Many entrepreneurs experience highs and lows, periods that feel like a "yes" is nowhere close, remain consistent to work and yourself. Success in entrepreneurship is not for the faint at heart.

Many entrepreneurs have experienced being overwhelmed, anxious or uncertainty to an extent and decide to sit out a while. At some point, we start comparing our plans, goals, visions or just lifestyle to someone else's without knowing what their story or challenges. Do not become preoccupied with outside influences. You want to be successful, but this journey is not overnight, and it will not always feel comfortable. It is essential to network with other entrepreneurs, building a network for you to learn how others overcame similar struggles.

For me being a business owner, working a full-time job and taking care of the family can be a lot to balance at times, but fret not. You only need to figure out your next move, your next three months and decide to stick to your plan. Decide what your priority or focus point will be and remember why you chose to go in business. You don't have to be the biggest brand by a specific date. Your success will need a plan of action and a support system. What is a mompreneur to do? Educate yourself by searching online for workshops, connect to a consultant or a coach and find resources to grow. Develop realistic goals that create a challenge to motivate you. Focusing on everyone else's business and their version of success does not help, improve or develop your business. You decided to become an entrepreneur, and you have to choose to for better or for worse to continue.

Bring it together and focus!

Some people start their business and to those that are watching it seems like they are excelling. Overnight their social media accounts have over hundreds of followers and people are commenting/ liking post. It can feel their clients are present and buying services or products, the opportunities are being made for them, and you are just spinning your wheels trying to get 5 likes with one comment on Instagram. Which creates an opportunity for doubt. At this moment, take a deep breath and repeat. Everyone's journey is not the same, and your success will have already been mapped out- Learn from the passage that you are on. Instead of comparing yourself and pinpointing why you think they are winning and you are not. We can put some focus on what that business owner is actually doing instead of their results.

If you don't have a coach or consultant invest in yourself and secure one. The support and guidance you receive can save you a lot of time and money while creating and developing a business. I invested in myself and secured a coach because I wanted to make sure that my business and my processes were thorough. I also struggled initially with Social Media and understanding how to utilize it properly to gain customers. There a variety of coaches or consultants available for you to use to grow and develop your business. First thing first, you should understand that there is a difference between a coach or consultant. Throughout this process, you should still be actively posting on Social Media, seeking opportunities to showcase your business, creating a network and focused on your business.

What is a Coach?

A Coach will review your current skills to develop a plan or strategy to bring the best of you. You and a coach work together to brainstorm and motivate you in business.

What is a Consultant?

A Consultant will teach you skills that you don't know, analyze your business, and create a business plan for you to implement. The consultant will review services, prices, sales, marketing and how the business reaches new customers and retains current customers.

If you are wondering how or who to select for your business... it is easier than you think! Make a list of what you need assistance with and search on Google, Facebook or Instagram. Also, get referrals from other Business Owners that you may be in a group with (example BR Mompreneurs).

Take a workshop! As we all know the world is forever changing and opportunities are being presented daily. There are free and paid seminars over a plethora of topics. Take a free workshop, or if you know, this workshop can benefit your business to invest and implement what you learn. Making connections and developing yourself as a Business Owner is worth the investment. Remember all it takes is one yes, one positive experience, one person to decide to take a chance. Don't quit before its your time!

I have heard many times that Business Owners often work in the business instead of on the business. Make time to review sales, review customer satisfaction and most importantly your goals. Revisit the plan and implement changes!

“Unfit for TV and too emotionally invested” - that’s what Oprah was told upon being fired from a news show.

Envision Me, supports people that want to become Entrepreneurs and established Business Owners narrow down their passion, guide them to creating a business opportunity from the idea, assist with the process to become a recognized business, develop the ideal client profile and strengthening the connection to customers, providing social media marketing tips, but most importantly developing a clear and consistent messaging.

In addition to identifying opportunities to showcase their business and connecting them to resources to support their business. Contact me for details by visiting www.linktr.ee/icanenvisionme

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